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Our Philosophy

Our Mission Statement:

"We are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality dental care in a relaxed and caring enviroment while working together to become a successful dental team."

Our Core Values:

Honesty: We expect our employees to be up front with our patients and to give them the best care possible for every situation.

Loyalty: Each employee of McMaster Dental will be a deidcated representative of the office.

Cleanliness: An immaculate workplace and personal appearance is priority for every employee.

Respect: We will treat our patients and fellow co-workers as we wish to be treated.

Efficiency: Timely and cost effective procedures assures our patients are given not only the best care for each procedure but also feel that they have not been taken advantage of.

Teamwork: The McMaster Dental Team will establish a positive enviroment through communication and sharing resources.

Initiative: We will be proactive in servicing the needs of our patients and employees.

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Our Location

108 South Cleveland Street | Kershaw, SC 29067

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